How To Change Snapchat Username 2017

Change Snapchat Username: Snapchat has become one of the leading social networking apps in the market and it is worthy enough to use indeed. As a brand Snapchat has built a user base with more than 156 million users across the globe which is astonishing. As an app it is still growing because users worldwide find its concept of sending messages and pictures that are available for a short time interesting. So I guess you might have already created your Snapchat account and start using it to send snaps to friends.

When you first register for a service like Snapchat you are asked to set a username and most of the times we select some username which makes less sense. But later on when we start communicating with friends through the Snapchat app we might find that the old username is not so appropriate or it needs to be changed. Even I use Snapchat app on my Android device and frankly speaking I had a bad username which I wanted to change right away.

So I started to search for tips and guides which can help me change my username and frankly speaking no online guide was helpful indeed. And this is the reason why I thought it would be perfect to write down a guide on how to change Snapchat username which can help you. If you are looking forward to change the username of your Snapchat account then you should read the below part as well.

How To Change Snapchat Username 2017

Can I change my Snapchat username?

Snapchat has not made this option available which means that the username you registered the account with cannot be changed. It might come to you as a surprise but there is no way of changing your Snapchat username. But still people consider asking this question as a matter of fact that all other social networking apps allow their users to change usernames. Well Snapchat has strict rules, and they limit users to have a single username which cannot be changed any further.

If you are wondering that there is any possible tweak or method which can help you, then I am afraid you are wrong. It is so because Snapchat does not let its users to edit their username after registration is completed. And there no talks even that username change feature might be updated any sooner, but  if you still wish you change your username you can sign up with a  new account.

How to change Snapchat Username

Now coming to the main part of our guide which is about how to change Snapchat username, I have the best method to help you change your username. Well the method is that we will log out of the previous account and then Sign up with a new one, where we can add a new username of our wish. This is the only possible method which can help you change and edit the username on Snapchat.

How To Change Snapchat Username 2017
  • So first you have to open your Snapchat app
  • Next scroll down or swipe below and click on the settings icon
  • Then select the “Log Out” button and you have logged out of your old account
  • After that click on “Sign Up” button and continue
  • Now you have to enter name, click on accept button and then enter username
  • Finally enter the email address and password to successfully create your account


All those users who wish to change their Snapchat username can now find this guide useful and they will be able to select any username they like without any problem. As I already said username cannot be changed on Snapchat once it is set, so make sure you select the best one for yourself.

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