How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac OS X

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac: Bluetooth is a Wireless Application that allows us to transfer files, images, documents and more without connecting two devices. Just connect the Bluetooth in your device and move files without any wire or hardware usage. We will look at how to enable or Turn on Bluetooth on Mac OS in this article. Also you can use the Bluetooth to connect internet to your Mac from iPhone or iPad. So get through this tutorial and you will learn to connect Bluetooth to Mac device. Make sure you Mac have Bluetooth option or else this won’t work in your device. At the end of this Article you will be clear on how to turn on Bluetooth on Mac Device.

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How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac OS X

Checking Does Mac has Bluetooth:

Follow the below written steps and find out whether your Mac has got Bluetooth and if not, what need to done to get it ready.

  • Open the Menu bar and search for Bluetooth Option
  • If you find the icon then you have got Bluetooth in your device
  • Click on System Preference from Apple Menu and select Bluetooth
  • If you view the Enabling Bluetooth then it is installed in your device
  • Else go to Apple Menu and then choose about this Mac
  • Click on More information and then find Bluetooth in Hardware section
  • If you have this info then Bluetooth is installed in your Mac
  • So with this three options you can view as Bluetooth is enabled in your device or not.

Pair Mac with Bluetooth Device:

As Bluetooth the wireless technology associated with your Mac will help you connect easily with iPhone or iPad to get internet or transfer files. To start using this option you need to pair the device with Mac

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac OS X
  • Open the Bluetooth and then find the available device near your Mac
  • They may be Wireless Keyboard, Mouse or iPhone or iPad
  • Get the device paired and wait until it is connected
  • Now your device is ready to be used with the Mac device

If your device is paired and connected correctly with Bluetooth you can view them in the connected device list. So now you can use any wireless device on your Mac by connecting them with Bluetooth.  Also make sure you have this device in 10 meters range from the Mac computer as above that range you can get the Bluetooth access.  If you want to remove the device you don’t want to be connected, use the same apple Menu Bluetooth option and go to devices. In this option you can click on cross button t remove the devices which are already connected.

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I hope you have got to know how to turn on Bluetooth on Mac OS device in easy. Get your wireless device connected with Mac and start using them in very easy way? This will also secure the Mac attached keyboard and also the multiple wirelesses near the computer will be reduced. If you found any difficulty connecting your device, then you can ask them in below comment box. Also we accept any suggestion from your side that can help us and our reader to know more about this article.

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