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NordVPN Review: VPN services like NordVPN are a fine of securing your location and being away from unwanted threats as well. NordVPN is available for Windows, MAC, Android and IOS platform as well, so it depends on you on which platform you want to this VPN service. VPN’s are not just means of changing IP but also being away from threats on Internet and maintains our privacy.  There are many people like you and me who want to be safe and that are why we tend to use NordVPN. This VPN service is amongst the best in the market and their Mobile app is free to download.

Well if you are going to use this VPN service for watching Netflix then I would suggest you to surely go with NordVPN because it has super fast servers. Next they have an Double data encryption feature which ensures the tightest security in the industry. Now they have around 740 servers worldwide in 58 different countries which ensure your privacy at the end. They do have an Automatic Kill Switch feature which wills automatically shutdown websites and software that are found to be unsafe. And most importantly they have “Strict No Logs Policy” which means they do not have a log of sites or network you visit on the web.


NordVPN service is one of the simplest and easiest one in the online market, because we change proxy within seconds. Both the Desktop and Mobile apps are really impressive and they are responsive which makes them far more easy to use. Simple navigation UI with classic looks gives users an essence of simple usage. Now continue reading the below guide to learn how to use NordVPN Netflix together and also install it for Android platform.

And if you are wondering whether this VPN service by the name NordVPN is really reliable? Then I must say I have been using this service alone for past few months not just to watch Netflix on Browser but also to access Internet as well. It works well, there are no down times and most of the times we can find different IP sources that we can use to hid our IP and accessing web becomes easier.

NordVPN Netflix – How to use NordVPN For Netflix

Well some people use VPN services to watch Netflix streaming service, as it is not probably available in their country. It might seem to be a problem but simply you can install NordVPN from the official website and select an US or UK proxy. Then you can simply log in to your Netflix account and start watching TV Shows, Movies and more.

How to Download NorVPN Apk For Android OS – Install NordVPN Netflix

Since you’ve heard so much of the NordVPN app and now it is time for you to learn how to install this app on your Android device. Well as I already told you their app on Google Play Store is available for free of cost, so that you don’t have to pay for anything indeed.

  • The first thing would be to open your Android Smartphone
  • Then open Google Play Store app from apps menu
  • After that search for “NordVPN” and select the app from the list shown
  • Next as always click on “Install” button which will download the app
  • Once it is downloaded, installation will begin automatically
  • Finally we will have NordVPN installed in a minute!


So go on and install NordVPN for Android or Windows desktop platform to stream Netflix and browse securely online. Make sure you have enabled and selected a proxy on the NordVPN app to continue browsing the web with privacy.

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