Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Release Date, Price In India, Specs

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018: Samsung a Korean brand has become one of the world’s largest Smartphone brand in the world. I never thought that I would be buying an Android phone but after the release of Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 model I started using Android devices. Well the Galaxy series has become world famous and from that Galaxy A7 model has become one of the best selling Smartphone as well. Then Samsung decided to release the 2017 model with more changes and many Android fans loved the way it was presented.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 version is the next model we are expecting from the tech giant who is yet to announce the product specifications and features as well. There are millions of fans that are literally waiting for the release of A7 2018 model because it will be powered with robust features and price will be normal as well.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Release Date, Price In India, Specs

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Release Date Rumors?

In this post we will be going to discuss about when the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 version model will be released for buyers to buy online. The previous versions of A7 were truly amazing and they were sold at mid ranged price which made them easy to buy as well.

Well before we head into the specifications part of this Smartphone let me tell you that this device is not yet announced as you already know. It means that Galaxy A7 2018 Smartphone has not been confirmed and all the features that are posted here are assumptions based on the market change. But most of the times the rumored specs and features are always true but those might change later on as well.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Features, Specifications And More

So the Galaxy A7 2016 model had 5.5 inch screen while the 2017 version also had 5.5 inch screen with AMOLED display. I owned a Galaxy A7 2016 model which still works like amazing because it has 3 GB of RAM which is pretty powerful indeed. But this next model of 2018 version is said to have at least 6 GB RAM but that might not be possible since Galaxy S8 has the same specs. I am thinking that Samsung will launch Galaxy A7 2018 with both 4 GB and 6 GB RAM variants along with 64 GB and 128GB internal memory variants as well.

So the display is super AMOLED which means you will find it really great to use since it has better visual and coloring aspects as well. At the same time the device will have amazing camera options because the last two devices had 13 MP primary and 5 MP secondary. But this time we are thinking that it will have 15 – 18 MP primary camera with LED Dual flash. And the secondary or front facing camera will have 8 MP with LED flash for better selfie capturing and video recording.


Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 version release date is not yet announced but since most of the previous models were released during the year beginning. I guess this time they will be releasing their latest version of Galaxy A7 2018 in India later during the second and third quarter of 2018. We will make sure to update this article with more information regarding when the Smartphone Galaxy A7 2018 will be released.

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