Recover Deleted Facebook Messages From com.facebook.orca

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages From com facebook orca: com.facebook.orca is an file that brings your deleted messages back to your Facebook messenger. As we have been using the Facebook as an major social networking platform to communicate with others and even for most official works. It has bee noticed that if you have lost any messages…


Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Release Date, Price In India, Specs

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018: Samsung a Korean brand has become one of the world’s largest Smartphone brand in the world. I never thought that I would be buying an Android phone but after the release of Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 model I started using Android devices. Well the Galaxy series has become world famous and…


OnePlus 6T Release Date, Price In India, Specs And More

OnePlus 6T Price: In one of our recent article we have discussed that OnePlus 6 will be released in the firth quarter of 2018. So now fans are also wondering when will OnePlus 6T be released online and to be frank this seems a rather important question. OnePlus 6 Smartphone is assumed to be high…


How To Fix Google Play Store Error 905 in Android Smartphone

Fix Google Play Store Error 905: It has been seen that as we are going to use Google Play Store a lot the error related to it are being increased. Today we are here to discuss about the Google Play Store Error 905 which is said to stop the download or update of Apps from Google Play Store….


Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Error in Android Smartphone

How to Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package in Android Smartphone: As we know that Android is an multi operational OS which has thousands of Apps and Games for its users. It has been one of the favorite Operating System for mobile users. But being the top used OS, Android does have many…


Fix Error code 961 in Google Play Store 2017

Error code 961: Fix Error code 961 in Android Google Play Store: It is known that Android is one of the most popular and used Operating system in most Smartphone’s. This Android is designed and powered by Google which gets the Apps and bring new innovative features for Smartphone users. Google Android system is the…

How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error in iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS Device

How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error: this Insubordinate error is error is commonly seen iPhone and iPad devices irrespective of their iOS version. We all know that Apple is the top listing company to produce new technology and innovation features. Also on the other part we can admit that their are similar ways of bugs too….


How to Fix Error Code 907 in Android Google Play Store

How to Fix Error Code 907 in Android Google Play Store: the Error Code 907 is displayed in Android Google Play Store when the app is getting downloaded or updated. The message as “Could not be downloaded due to an error (907)” will be displayed when ever someone tries to download the Google Play Store….

Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive

Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive: Samsung which is the top manufacturer of Smartphone in the world has got millions of users. As the products of Samsung are popular with the customers due to their affordable rate, good design and unlimited high end features. Beside giving the amazing features, Samsung does have a good…


Download WhatsApp Messenger For Tablets 2017

WhatsApp Messenger For Tablets: WhatsApp is now is an commonly used social network platform which works on differences platforms. the interface of WhatsApp is very simple and easy to understand too. Any new user can easily get habituated to WhatsApp messenger App in very short time. As the days are going forwards, the popularity and…